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    Again in p5r13 gh and shrine comms stuck

    I am not sure at all what digit is doing but what is happening has happened way too often to be considered a mistake. The soa and the se gh are bugged again and of course a lion is on the se gh and a cazadores is stuck on the soa now. The soa has been bugged for days now and no response to our tickets for a resolve, THIS IS HAPPENING IN P5R13 OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN

    please fix this game!!!!

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    I play on k9.

    I fought for the citadel, but the commander was stuck, I can not withdraw it or send it somewhere. This is a server failure, but I can not send it anywhere or call it back.
    And he stands, as if he captured the citadel.

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    again the same problem on k9

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