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    Bugged gatehouses

    When can we expect action on the gatehouses that cannot be attacked? It has happened repeatedly, and seems to be getting worse ó with longer periods between corrections. p5 r13 SE gatehouse has been bugged this time for 2 days, with multiple tickets submitted. I donít think a day has passed recently, when at least one of the gatehouses hasnít gone buggy.

    Please accommodate war in your war game.

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    There still has been no reply by Digit here or on tickets submitted. Why is this the case?

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    I play on k9.

    I fought for the citadel, but the commander was stuck, I can not withdraw it or send it somewhere. This is a server failure, but I can not send it anywhere or call it back.
    And he stands, as if he captured the citadel.

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