Dear Devs/Mods/CMs,

I was playing that game a few months after its release back on 2014..
I liked its gameplay and kept playing it for a year straight till crafting system got introduced since it was a ptw system back then
Last week I got a flash and signed in to my old acc
The power gap(military size, crafting materials/items) between me(lvl 52 one of the top players back then) and the same lvl players now is dramatically huge even more for the newbies..
And I'm asking how can a multiplayer browser/app game 4years old keeping its balance between players for so many years? I think it cannon

Sooo a new server will give a breath to a slowly dying game and will make players have same opportunities for being for once in their life kings/queens of a Realm! :P

..and in order to gloriously end the old server, make a tournament to show off the ultimate King of the Kings and as a reward to him and his alliance, give his & allies name on the new server's realms & provinces.

Hope you think about it!