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Thread: Alliance bug

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    Alliance bug

    What the f*** is going on with digit. First of all you randomly remove players from my alliance before a gold tourney ends and then give me some kind of an excuse stating that they somehow manipulated the game and thus not getting their award. Now you are randomly removing players and making them wait the 72 hours before rejoining...just to randomly remove them again. This is crap and it needs to be addressed. Now I cannot, as leader remove or deny applicants from our roster because digit tells me I am not a member of the alliance so not allowing me to do what I need to do to lead this team.

    I am not sure if this has happened to any other team out there but let me tell you it has pissed me off and it needs to be addressed asap!

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    No response yet - 5 days so far. Great job, Digit.

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    Lol dark digit is a large cuber only to turn out

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