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    [QUOTE=m4rry;11149]You just confirmed what i said already in another thread - if your allies were real people, and not alts, then the odds might be a bit better for you.
    But could you be more specific and write down the names of those alts you mentioned, so Sola wouldn't have to search for them and save some time while baning them? I'm sure he 'd appreciate it [/
    Better |Marry say how many alt have your alli for example Knight and Destruction.When atack you on realm 8 your alt sit quit in realm 9 .When quit in realm 8 Knight and Destruction fight on realm 9.And its looking so funny .Many player tired of this game and gone.Digit you will change something?Eller you will play only on one side coa Mom....What tournement you doing the last time....its so boring to see how player 65+ win.I think you doing game for youselv.Because in mom playing you.Good luck playing with yourselv!!!!!!!!!

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    My alli? What do you mean? I'm not in any alliance.
    If you want to know if someone is an alt, you need to ask him/her. But what you described seems like a good cooperation, not having alts.

    The thing about game being dead is true, however.

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    Good afternoon Digit.
    After the introduction of new maps and
    the return of the action of the shrines to all maps of the balance of power is disrupted finally. You can at least occasionally turn off the action of the shrines, perhaps for the duration of the tournament, as it is today. this genocide, the MOM coalition is already bored.

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