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    A way to stop any coa in the game

    I got a idea today how to stop all coas from p2-p5 in a easy way and im sure 90% of the Players that are in the coa will disagree and flame me lol.

    simply buff the alliance that got hit on kt/ghs/shrines in the current realm from more than a single alliance. using the new combat metirc System to avoid pushing with alts/Subs, as it will cost a lot of rss to do. give a single Player a max value of Points he could "earn" make it impossible to let 2 golder push a whole alliance allone. i thought about 5 steps of 10% over all buffs (ht/Speed/health/attack)

    as i dont know how excatly the metric works, i dont have a exact plan of the 6 waypoints of Points. the buffs should be temporary (mby 12h or 24h), but the timer get refreshed anytime the last trashhold of Points will be gained, the 6. waypoint will be refreshed all time he will be reached. both, loses and wins should be counted.

    watching at the current tourny i think max Points should be 100k. 10k - 25k - 50k - 75k - 100k and then 50k steps for the refresh.
    the enemy alliance that hit kt the most will not Grand any Points.

    that will make any alliance equall to each other, and anyone will have to fight allone. if they are storng enought they will hold a realm.

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    Yea, and your idea will create the anti-coalitions - the coalitions of sub alliances who will hit the "boss" alliance shrines/GHs to pupm their buffs

    I got two questions:
    Who do you want to kill the coalitions? Cuz you are not in one or what?
    And second - if the goal is to dismantle the coalitions, then why not just forbid and delete the possibility of creating alliances? Ten everyone would have to fight for her/himself Oh, and while we at it - why not forbid people to be friends with other people? If that seems to be the problem for you

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