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    Alliance EPIC Battles tournament with special rewards this weekend!

    Good Afternoon Kings and Queens of Vinland.

    After pacifying the wayward orc camps during last week´s event it’s time to enjoy a good old fashioned bloodbath in Vinland.

    This weekend will see the comeback of a community favorite, the EPIC Battles are back! Join your Alliance and have the most epic battles to score!

    Just as a reminder, here’s how the EPIC Battles tournament works:

    The “Battle Metric” compares the amount of troops and
    types of troops assigned to the battling commanders. It will also take the
    amount of the commander’s troop capacity used into account.

    This means that if your army attacks a commander with
    a much weaker army, the score will be lower - possibly even zero! Also, if two
    commanders have small but equally powerful armies, they will receive a lower
    score for not using all their commanders’ capacity.

    If you attack multiple districts, the attacking
    commander will be compared with the strongest commander of all the defending

    To make things interesting, the rewards for this tournament will be something new and experimental. The winners will receive a new type of Magic chest. This mysterious chest will provide whoever opens it with a 10 hour shield!

    This reward is something new, so we would love to hear your thoughts about it.

    We will also be opening a new Realm in P5 on Friday 16th June 2017 at 20:00 GMT+1. This will be Realm 15.

    This event will be running from Friday 16th June, 20:00 GMT+1, until Monday 19th May, 08:00 GMT+1.

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    Good afternoon. Excuse me, I was not mistaken on the prize account? 10 hours bubble ??? Funny ask any player and he will put you a cap if necessary. I will say at once against this prize.

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    It would be better to have things or something else. You can certainly do both. Top 3 alliances. Each player is given a kind of invulnerability for 4 hours. those. After the attack there is no cure. And he can endlessly attack other players. It will be a better prize. Time can be adjusted. But you can also do something that is activated. Ie, pressed received invulnerability clicked canceled invulnerability.

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