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    looking for material and xp boosting partner

    Im looking for LV 45-51 players who can do xp boosting and material boosting.
    I will put 50 troops size for KS boosting on my all districts to boost your xp boosting and put one stack of tks on my keep guard.
    So I wish you to do the same and we can hit eachother 6 coms a day and let them have free heal.
    you and me will get many materials and alot of xp
    Better if we can have 3-4 pp more and we will manage an alliance later.
    Looking for some player playing in Russian, china ,Japan, Korea Asia timezone or Aus Timezone or europe.

    put your name here

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    These topics are not allowed in the forums.

    I'm closing the thread, next time you post something similar to this, you will get some time off the forums.


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