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    Cut the P3-P4-P5 buffs link

    for the love of god Cut the P3-P4-P5 buffs link

    we bust our nuts in P5 fighting and gaining things, Only so some "not naming anybody" jumps with ALTS on P4 buffs and use them to beat us up.

    recently couple of alliances failed in P5 only so they come back on P4 alts, steal realms and buffs and use them against us.

    you can check your servers and data, you'll see the huge movements in P4.

    it's easy to recon, not hard to tell all those 3weeks created alliance is alts.

    Do something about it, or admit you support cheating, So at least we quit bothering ourselfs and posting here.

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    I'd go one step further and make buffs realm dependent. It would even the playing field and make realm fights much more tactical.

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    agree. too many people use alts to control p4 and less. can't beat alliances who have a zillion buffs

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    Good evening guys.

    Thank you for your suggestions. Braxifen is currently working on balancing the game and revisiting the shrine buffs.
    We will keep you guys updated with any change we may want to implement in the game.
    Solapaine - Community Manager

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