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    Quote Originally Posted by m4rry View Post
    Stopdrunk, huh? Yea, sure, sure... And those screenshots of Thailand screen you presented were just lying around, and you found them accidently while surfing the net, yes? LOOOOOL!Attachment 901
    Busted, bro
    Yes if Im Thai and what? why digit trying to ban me when im looking for xp boosting partner but dont ban dad cheaters... you guys are very goodluck digit have 2 standard especially solapaine
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    Good afternoon.

    I'm closing this thread, the topic has totally changed. Thailand, you know the rules, and you know the consequences.
    Open a thread like the previous one again and you will take some time off.

    You also know that Naming and Shaming is not allowed in the forums. This is the last time that you receive a warning.


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