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    3. Yep. As I said in the main post, the Clerics are only the first of a series of new content coming. We test it a lot prior to any new content going in, but there will be edge cases that will only pop up in every 5k or 10k scenarios, and that only really shows on the live environment. So as we add new content, we have to allow some space to rebalance and readjust stats.
    Considering that rebalancing of troops is going on, may I give a suggestion.

    After players finish all upgrades on a specific troop, upgrades number 7 will be unlocked, but each player can choose only one upgrade. Those upgrades will allow players to specialize choosen troop for a specific role. Increase damage or resistance against specific troop, healing cost or healing time reduction, speed change and so on.

    I added this idea to suggestions with numberous examples. Those examples are based on experiences I had in the game and how each troop is used.I hope it will at the very least be considered for future rebalancing and let us more space for choice without making it too complicated.

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    Few questions on clerics and how they will work.
    1) When you say won't be targeted, does that work like supply wagons where they will not be actively targeted or will they not be killable?
    2) How will they be triggered(All combat? attacks? defense?)? Will they heal over time? Will they have charges?
    3) Will their heals be measured by health points healed? Unit size? %of army?
    4) Will chiseled rock be necessary to train them regularly?

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